timeLe - Behind the scenes

We are a medium-sized IT company with highly motivated employees and many years of programming experience. With a lot of passion and innovative spirit we have developed a patented and absolutely unique solution for time recording and security of your company, no matter what size of company and without any effort for the employees.

timeLe means head start.

Our young and innovative team is committed to developing practical solutions for you. In doing so, our customers benefit from short paths and our many years of experience in software development.

The future-oriented work of our customers is particularly important to us. We support this through innovative further developments and needs-based adaptations.

True to the motto "standstill is regression", we therefore reinvest a large part of our profits in product development and the training or further education of our employees.

We are timeLe.

Wolfgang Bihl

General Manager

Fabrice Redel

Software Developer

Marita Bührer

Management assistant

Gerhard Seemann

Software Developer

Matthias Kern

Software Developer

Marcel Bihl